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Who is the bigger SF Sports Star?

Who is the bigger SF Sports Star?

im stumped myself
Willis: 2 pro bowls

Lincecum: 2x all-star, 1 Cy Young
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I don't know.
As much as I love big P-Will, Lincecum gets the nod. He plays the positions in baseball that gets all the attention when a pitcher is as good as he is, plus a Cy Young is the equivalent to a NFL defensive player of the year award, and P-Will doesn't have that... yet.

If you're talking from a pure statistical standpoint, then it's much harder to determine; baseball and football stats are comparable to apples and oranges; just too different to make a definitive argument in favor of either.
i think Lincecum is bigger right now...middle of the season, and Timmy is pitching really good

But after the 09 season when P-Will becomes the Defensive Player of the Year, then i think Willis will be on top.
Thats easy.

Pablo Sandoval.
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Lincecum is king of San Francisco.

I love Patrick Willis, best MLB in the NFL, but Lincecum won a Cy Young.
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I was gonna vote for Alex Smith but he is not an option. Haters!
Originally posted by jrg:

you would say that, you're a cards fan.

being a fan of both clubs, i know for a fact that timmy is the bigger sports star
This Morning. Jonathan Sanchez.

Originally posted by BigRon:
This Morning. Jonathan Sanchez.

Lincecum definitely.
Lincecum easily. He is the franchise.
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Lincecum easily. He is the franchise.
after much thought i'm gonna have to go with Lincecum as well.....

don't kill me pwilly
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