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Minnesota trades Randy Foye & Mike Miller to the Wizards for the #5 pick.
Originally posted by LA9erFan:
Minnesota trades Randy Foye & Mike Miller to the Wizards for the #5 pick.

hmmm, makes me think this is a way to Rubio at 2 by packaging the 5th and 6th picks to Memphis.
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Originally posted by AB83Rules:
Originally posted by LA9erFan:
Minnesota trades Randy Foye & Mike Miller to the Wizards for the #5 pick.

hmmm, makes me think this is a way to Rubio at 2 by packaging the 5th and 6th picks to Memphis.

I think they stay put and pick two players.
the wolves have said they want 2 top ten picks so they wont package 5 and 6 to get to number 2

they will try other packages but they will have 2 top ten picks
BUMP, updated the tracker.
Draft Night Trades Recap:

First Round Trades:

• The Minnesota Timberwolves traded the rights to North Carolina point guard Ty Lawson, the 18th pick, to the Nuggets for a future 1st round pick.

• The Mavericks traded the rights to Ohio State center B.J. Mullens, the 24th pick, to the Thunder for France point guard Rodrique Beaubois, and a future 2nd round pick.

Second Round Trades:

• The Washington Wizards traded the rights to No. 32 pick Jermaine Taylor to the Houston Rockets for cash considerations.

• The Nuggets traded the rights to Spanish point guard Sergio Llull, their No. 34 pick, to the Rockets for cash considerations.

• The Portland Trail Blazers sent Sergio Rodriguez, Jon Brockman, their 38th pick, and cash to the Sacramento Kings for their 31st pick, Jeff Pendergraph.

• The Miami Heat received the rights to Patrick Beverley, the Los Angeles Lakers' 42nd pick, for a future second-round pick and cash considerations.

• The New Orleans Hornets acquired LSU guard Marcus Thornton, the 43rd pick by the Heat, for two future second-round picks.

• The Detroit Pistons traded the rights to their No. 44 pick, Chase Budinger, to the Rockets for a future second-round pick and cash.

• The Mavericks acquired 45th pick Nick Calathes from the Timberwolves in exchange for the future second-round pick of the Trail Blazers that the Mavericks obtained in a trade on June 24.

• The Thunder received the rights to the Charlotte Bobcats' 54th pick, Robert Vaden, for cash.

Jason's Draft Winners and Losers

June 26th, 2009

by Jason

Ok, so it’s been almost 24 hours since the Draft ended, and here are my draft winners and losers, and some extra nuggets.

My Winners:

First off, I love what the Memphis Grizzlies did, adding a true shot blocking big man in Connecticut’s Hasheem Thabeet. Then later in round one, they added Missouri small forward DeMarre Carroll. But what might turn out to be either a steal or a bone headed move, is Sam Young, some will see him as a steal, but personally, I see him as a good pick, if the guy taken after him, wasn’t there, that man DeJuan Blair, but anyway, Memphis had a real good draft, and this could be the turnaround for this franchise, that’s only had 4 winning seasons out of 14 years in the NBA.

Next up, is clearly the Spurs, they got a big time steal in round 2, in DeJuan Blair, the big man from Pittsburgh, he will add youth, and another big man alongside Tim Duncan, then they added a young PG in Miami’s Jack McClinton, clearly San Antonio was and is a big winner in this year draft, they got better and younger, and became more dangerous along with the Richard Jefferson trade before draft day.

Next up, is the Timberwolves, I loved there drat, getting who many think is the second best player in the draft behind Blake Griffin, in Ricky Rubio, and then Jonny Flynn, who some see as stupid, over Stephen Curry, but I love the pick. Then Wayne Ellington, a great pick, from a great school. And they also picked up Henk Norel, who they likely will stash overseas for a few more years.

My under the radar team was the Houston Rockets, they got 3 good players, when they bought and traded for 3 second round picks, first it was, Central Florida SG Jermaine Taylor, then Spain Combo Guard Sergio Llull, who will likely stay over in spain, and then the final pick, was Arizona SF Chase Budinger. I like the draft, they added 2 nice shooters, to go with Artest, Battier and Brooks, and there’s still the possibility of acquiring Ricky Rubio, or even Phoenix big man Amare’ Stoudemire.

Lastly, the Blazers, they as usual, picked up a nice international player, in Victor Claver. Then they got Jeff Pnedergraph from Arizona State. And finally they got a steal in St. Mary’s(CA) Patty Mills. Overall a good draft for a up-and-coming team.

My Losers:

1st off, Cleveland, in my opinion, had a bad draft, they decided to take a project at 30, when they needed a immediate impact, but instead took SG Christian Eyenga from the Congo. But I did like the pick of Danny Green, he comes from a great program in North Carolina, but im also taking into consideration the Shaquille O’Neal deal, I might get crucified, but I don’t like the deal. He is one, overweight, and is never motivated, but maybe, just maybe, playing with LeBron James, he will be.

Next, The Indiana Pac ers, im not knocking Hansbrough, but at 13, seems high, and with others on the board, it seems like a mistake, and taking A.J. Price over Patty Mills, doesn’t look great in my opinion.

Best Trade of Draft Night:

My best trade was the Nuggets trade to get North Carolina’s PG Ty Lawson, they needed a young PG to groom behind Chauncey Billups. And they got that, in Lawson./

Worst Trade of Draft Night:

My worst trade, was, the trade between the Mavs and Thunder, I really don’t understand why the Mavs would take B.J. Mullens, and then trade him away, when they need a Center, doesn’t make sense to me.
we've added a salaries page.

we will have seperate pages soon.
some news:

Bucks non-tender PF Charlie Villlanueva making him a UFA

Bucks Tender PG Ramon Session and SF Ersan Illayosa as RFA's

Pacers decline SG Marquis Daniels Team Option, making him a UFA

Nets pick up Jarvis Hayes Team Option for 2009-2010
news of the day;

Michael Finley picks up his option
LAC tendered Steve Novak as a UFA
Ricky Davis picks up his option
Brian Skinner opts out
LAC turn down Alex Acker's option

Updated FA tracker to reflect the agreements.

HOU Trevor Ariza
LAL Ron Artest
DET Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon
TOR Hedo Turkoglu
DAL Marcin Gortat

Also, Eric Maynor is the first pick to sign, a 2yr deal with 2 1 yr team options.

Player: Maynor, Eric
Position: PG
Team: UTH
09/10 Salary: $1,318,920
10/11 Salary: $1,417,800
11/12 Salary: $1,516,680
12/13 Salary: $2.338,720
13/14 Salary: $3,351,386
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NBA Movement So Far Since July 1st:

Houston agreed with Trevor Ariza
LA Lakers agreed with Ron Artest and Shannon Brown
Detroit agreed with Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon
Atlanta agreed with Mike Bibby
Dallas agreed with Marcin Gortat and Jason Kidd
Boston agreed with Rasheed Wallace
Toronto agreed with Hedo Turkoglu
[ Edited by AB83Rules on Jul 7, 2009 at 4:43 PM ]
we've added in team pages for each team, with current roster and salaries, with player profiles.
Me, AB83Rules, crzy, & SacRock14 have been making some solid strides in the development of the NBA Section, but we could really use someone to help us with developing the "look" of the site, both visually and technically (the coding and stuff).

Is anyone here interested and capable? Or know someone who would be? Hit either me or one of the other guys up over PM if you are.
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