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$130 million for Cristiano Ronaldo

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Originally posted by TonyStarks:
Cristiano just got paid.

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So Cristiano was in town for a night out with Paris Hilton. *ahem ahem*
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Originally posted by Brew:
So Cristiano was in town for a night out with Paris Hilton. *ahem ahem*

Really? His last woman was smokin hot!

I gotta give my cousin a talkin to.

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Originally posted by redrose49er:
Originally posted by sarpp:
Originally posted by redrose49er:
Man Utd accept £80m bid from Real Madrid

Seems Ferguson finally got fed up with him, as he did with Beckham.

Is moving from Man Utd to Real a step forwards or backwards? I suspect backwards.

Sorry, but if you have to ask yourself that question, then you don't know much about soccer. Real Madrid is to soccer, as the New York Yankees is to baseball. Simply the greatest most successful soccer team in the world. Its every player's dream to play for them at some point in their career's.
I'm half-Portuguese & I would have preferred to see him stay at Man U. But his salary is reportedly off the chart...Something like 15M Euros a season or 21M USD
Remember this is not the NFL nor NBA nor MLB, its soccer & that type of salary is like having 30M a season in american sports. A-Rod territory

Please don't question my knowledge of 'soccer' as you call it. I still claim this is a move backwards in footballing terms. Real have had their golden years (did they lose 6-0 to Barca this season?), maybe more to come, but Man Utd is a true powerhouse at the moment. Man Utd have not sold a player who has gone on to better things for many years: Beckham, Van Nistelrooy, Stam, Veron, etc.

How many European Cups does Man U have? and Real Madrid? I rest my case...
Again, I prefer Man U, but Real are the cream of the crop in terms of overall titles.
Man U was a powerhouse BECAUSE of Ronaldo...without him, well good luck...
In 07-08 he literally "carried" the team, scoring the most goals in Europe, even though he's not a forward/striker! They will regress without Ronaldo...you can't replace him.

Real has offered Sneijder and cash for maicon

is that a real video..?
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