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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, 2007-08

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11-5 and will win the NFC WEST
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10-6 ...probably a game aggressive, but I'd rather be optimistic.
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I've got 9-7. The Niners could make a serious run at 11 wins this season, but with two new coordinators, the 3-4 transition, and the new group of free agent defenders that need time to gel with the leftover starters, I think a 9-7 year would be a nice step forward.

If Gore stays healthy, and...
Alex Smith and Vernon Davis both take their game to the next level, and...
We can generate a pash rush on defense, and...
We can beat the Cards at least once....

Then 11-5. A lot of "ifs", especially Gore, who I think with go down at some point this season.
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11-5 Confident
10-6. We'll ride a surge the last half of the season and clinch the NFC West. I'd like to say we win the divisional playoff game but at this point who can really say. It'll be a long shot to make the NFC championship. 2008... now we're talkin'.
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10-6 and the West crown with a 4-2 division record.
Throw me in the 9-7 box, but it will be good enough to win the West
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