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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, 2007-08

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It all depends on if our QB (whoever it might be) can make plays.
I'll roll with 10-6 again and see if I get it right this time
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Originally posted by DonBis:
10-6 again for me

Is anyone aware this is from last year?

no need to dig this one up.. let the dead stay dead.

Do this again around July/Aug
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At best, 7-9. Nolan is the HC, that says it all.
9-7. Always an optimistic.
Doing this now is a waste of time. We don't know who is on the team. Wait until training camp opens.
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1-15 Smith breaks his neck in week one, manny and pwillie collide in game 2 and go into a coma, Banta Cain tackles the wrong guy and injures himself plus our new pass rusher Justin Smith. And from there on we give up 40 + points a game.....if this doesnt happen though.....

i would say, 8-8

i'll say 10-6
just for the hell of it
As the roster looks right now in March 2008, I am going to guess 6-10. Also, Nolan will ensure we lose a few close ones with going/not going for it at the wrong times, and poor usage of clock & timeouts.
put me for


New system, no proven QB and we need a lot of help on OL !
20-1 haha i'm optimistic haha
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