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***49er Photoshop Thread*** (aka The Greatest Niner Thread Ever)

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this is really the greatest thread in the history of threads... when i have a s**tty day.. i jus look at this thread and laugh my ass off

I will stipulate to that

I always check this thread. There were a couple times where people started arguing. I stepped in, as I always will, that you have to leave this thread alone and pristine. This is not the thread for that.

Mods, I applied to be a mod. Can there be a mod, just of the Photoshop thread.

Just remember Eminem had a great lyrical response too:

I never knew my father neither; he used to always cheat on my mom and beat her I can relate to what you're saying in your songs so when I have a s**tty day, I drift away and put 'em on cause I don't really got s**t else so that s**t helps when I'm depressed I even got a tattoo with your name across the chest Sometimes I even cut myself to see how much it bleeds It's like adrenaline, the pain is such a sudden rush for me See everything you say is real, and I respect you cause you tell it My girlfriend's jealous cause I talk about you 24/7 But she don't know you like I know you Slim, no one does She don't know what it was like for people like us growing up You gotta call me man, I'll be the biggest fan you'll ever lose Sincerely yours, Stan -- P.S. We should be together too
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- 98

sick. .. Any way to format this for a S4 phone?

Did it myself. Great pic
Anyone used this?

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Originally posted by Drew231:
Anyone used this?

this s**t is hella funny lol. i posted it somewhere a while ago too
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someone put Kaps face on the kid

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hahahaha thanks lol

Page 300!

ahooooooooooo ahooooooooooooo ahoooooooooooooooo!
I wish our guys would stop acting like punks, they've played a good tough game so far but they're not acting like the more veteran team. Kaepernick mocking Cam is low rent, just do youre thing and get you're ass back to the huddle, he's mixing it up with the panthers D like a rookie, we're not gonna always get the calls going our way so we better shape up IMO, Carolina is a very very good football team.
i hope they raise up the punk intensity. these b***hes wanted to intimidate us and the tougher team is intimidating them instead. they arent jawing anymore since the 1st quarter and we keep demoralizing them. Kap taking cams celebration was gold. i want a gif lol
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Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
Originally posted by Drew231:
Anyone used this?

this s**t is hella funny lol. i posted it somewhere a while ago too

It's f*cked up to dress as a crippled soldier (guy in background)
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