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Week 3 NY Giants Coaches Film Analysis Thread

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Here it is, y'all. Giants game review!!!
Great breakdown jonnydel
Originally posted by tohara3:
Great breakdown jonnydel

Good stuff Johnny!
Thanks as always Jonny. Always good stuff👍
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Thanks, y'all!
Dope breakdown again 👍🍻
Thank you again for breaking this down!
Originally posted by jonnydel:
Here it is, y'all. Giants game review!!!

Thanks for this!

That D line is worth every penny.
Awesome as always. The Giants blitzed like 85% on Brock. I keep thinking as I watched the video, Brock had to see and react in under 2.5 seconds and with sometimes two 300 pounders coming in his face to knock him on his ass. He didn't have jonnydel telling him what's up. And the closest thing to a 300 pounder is a member of the family jumping on your lap while you watch the video.
Always enjoy your game break downs. Good stuff and thanks for the insights.
I'm here for the manscape tie-ins.
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Nice observation on the Deebo TD catch and how it was a complimentary play off Double Slants from earlier in the game (Bell tip drill). Supposedly, the 49ers really worked on Deebo going deep this offseason because he is so well known for slants, digs, and crossers. Now the Sluggo is there for the taking.

Outside of more man coverage and blitz frequency, do you see any differences with how Wilks is calling the plays compared to Demeco Ryans?
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