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Jake Moody-K-Michigan 3rd Round 2023 Draft

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Originally posted by 4thandlong:
I'm sure the zone will handle this well

I'm cool. Like whatever.

But these folk who scouted YouTube and are unlicensed armchair GMs about to go off.
Was Lynch competing with another team in targeting this guy? Could he have been had in the later rounds?
We can talk s**t all day but with a stacked roster and no legit kicker on the roster I'm sure I'm not the only one who was annoyed seeing our punter do kickoffs because the kicker could kick past the 20. A lot of teams would've got this dude in late 4th round.
3rd round tho
I was hoping we'd draft him in the fifth or sixth… yikes…
Well, hope he becomes our best kicker ever.
Another weapon with a HUGE LEG 🦵🦶
Lmao. Hope this kid kicks ass
It happened
Not mad. We had to replace a legend in Robbie Gould. Can't have some scrub. Having a kicker with a howitzer for leg would be a welcome change.
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Greenberg said on the telecast that he's clutch

Let's hope he isn't a moody player.....

I'll see myself out.
I don't mind the pick, we don't have a 4th rounder, plus he can make this team.
Third round pick? Ugh. He better be good.
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Originally posted by fropwns:
Let's hope he isn't a moody player.....

I'll see myself out.

Let's hope he comes for other teams' booty. Moody the Booty Bandit.
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