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Devin Funchess WR

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I guess they needed a replacement for Hurd on IR.
Dude, do we just sign players to only put them on the IR? Wth
Are you kidding me? Lol.
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That sucks.
Welp, ain't gon beat Seattle now!
It's the 49er way.
Were a god damn charity out here.

Oh you need a little cash but don't want to actually play to earn it? Sign with us! We'll put you straight on IR. Don't believe us? Why don't you ask former recipient of the 49ers No Play, All Pay award, Jalen Hurd!

are we competent?
Don't players take a physical before getting signed, or did he get hurt practicing? Santa York must be happy having his parents' pay for players never getting on the field.
Wait, what? How did he get injured and what injury does he have?
Originally posted by 9ers4u:
Welp, ain't gon beat Seattle now!

Dude, calm down. The guy just got here.
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