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QB Trey Lance Thread

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Originally posted by okdkid:

Lol they probably just pulled a name out of a hat with 2:00 left.
So, until the last 24 hours everyone in the media was saying it had to Jones. Greatest smokescreen in NFL draft history?
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Originally posted by miked1978:
I like the pick. I just wonder why Fields wasn't the pick?

elbow? processing?

doubt we'll ever know, we'll just have to infer it from the things they say positive about Lance.
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HOLY s**t!!!!

I preferred Justin Fields but I'm just thrilled it wasn't Mac Jones.

Considering we got a talented kid, I'm going to trust Kyle in his evaluation and hope Lance answers all questions related to playing at FCS and having limited experience.
Going to see some fun packages with him early on. Hope Jimmy stays and we make a Super Bowl run. They loaded up the roster.
I can't believe it, such huge balls, I've said all along, back the kid, back the coaches. Let's go!
f**k. Yes.
you could tell when they has 49ers war room and everyone was excited but shanny
So... Do we integrate Lance into our offense somehow this year?

We don't need him to play right away or trade Jimmy G.

Perfect situation.
Not only is he athletic as f**k but he is incredibly smart
Originally posted by pdizo916:
Kyle is getting fired lmao

what makes you think Kyle is getting fired? Or you just trolling as usual?
Thank god!

Trey Lance is gonna revolutionize this offense.
Just get him to reach his potential and we may have the best qb in the class and top 5 in the league
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