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Vapor Limited Jerseys?

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Big 49ers fan from the U.K. for the last three years. Decided I want to get a Kittle jersey in the vapor limited fit as it's a bit more fitted to the body but I can't find the style of jersey anywhere 👎 have they stopped selling jerseys in that style as the name suggests? Any and all help appreciated faithful!
they are pretty limited in jerseys this time of year unless you want screen print. They usually start getting the new limited and elite jerseys in aug.
Awesome, thank you! I was worried I'd missed the boat with the jersey style
Nike just sucks at retail production for anything higher than the replica style jerseys. They dont make a very big supply of Limited or Elite jerseys, so once they sell out they are usually gone until the next season. July/Aug is usually when you see the restock.
the vapors are definitely a tighter fit than the regular an limited jerseys. their more like t shirts. so make sure to order a size larger than your regular jersey size.
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