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Super Bowl 2021

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Whew... just got back from time traveling. I was at the 2021 Super Bowl. Yep 9ers were there with a rematch against KC. Spoiler Alert ahead!

If it wasn't for a handful of botch calls by the Ref's it would have been a blowout by the 9ers. That said with 2 minutes left in the game and the 9ers down by 3 they get the ball at their 10 and need to do 90 yards. The problem is Trent Williams went out with a concussion on the last offensive play.

Then all of sudden Joe Staley comes running out of the tunnel suited up. You see Joe joined the team as an Oline Coach. The rules state that a player can't suit up during a game and play, but it says nothing about a coach doing it, because it would never happen, and Shanahan new that.

With 2 minutes left Shanahan calls 9 run plays to the left with Joe leading all of them. The last two run plays you could her Kittle yelling at the defense "we are running to the left!".

They get down to the 10 yard line with 3 seconds left. Joe tells the Ref he's eligible. Garoppolo gets the ball, fakes it to Mostert, Joe slants, quick dart from Jimmy and it's TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

It was pretty cool seeing Joe carried off the field, just saying. Sheltering at home does some crazy things to the head
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I like it.
The way it should be
Sounds legit!
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Whoa! Which stocks should I pick tomorrow!
I'll settle for Joe getting the honorary SB ring after this season.
Jimmy G wins SB 🏆 & MVP in TB and Tampa Bay's backyard....this is your narrative NFL

Niners are DOUBLY owed for all the Frank Gore, P.Willis, Cowboy Smith, Alex Jennings, Venron, and Joe Staley good guys that have been denied and instead they reward criminal teams like the Ravens and Chefs
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I can dig it.
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