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49ers trade for Trent Williams

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Boss, we fidin fuggin win.

Great fit and he has spent plenty of time with Shanahan
Highway Robbery!!!

Love the move! Sadly I think this means Staley will be retiring shortly. But wow!!!!
Originally posted by okdkid:

At 31, he's not gonna ask for a crazy amount though.
This is a steal!!!
Originally posted by fropwns:
Boss, we fidin fuggin win.

Hah such a great movie
Can't believe we got him for what we did
A 2020 5th and a 2021 3rd is a steal.

As for Joe, may I present a 3rd possibility. Maybe he's so willing to do whatever it is to win a SB that he's okay to play Guard for his final two years. A 49ers OL of Williams-Staley-Richburg-Tomlinson-McGlinchey would be really, really good.
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Originally posted by dhp318:
Are we sure Trent Williams is still good? Tired of giving up good picks for rentals. This will doubly suck if the season never happens

Hes 31 and has made the Pro Bowl in his last 7 seasons...

I hate to say this, but Williams right now is better than Joe Staley. There were times last year when I wished he had sat out longer.
Gruden looks shocked
Originally posted by btthepunk:
Assuming Staley is retiring, that opens up some space to sign an extension.

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If the 49ers don't extend TWilliams, then he leaves and most likely can garner a 3rd round comp pick. If so, the trade is 2020 5th + 2021 3rd (probably late in round if 49er are good), and when TW leaves, they get a 3rd back (late 3rd comp).
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