Not sure if this should be draft room or here :

If you look at the value the 49ers put on certain positions you will see the chances of grabbing a WR are ZERO ! Philosophically Lynch and Kyle have both said you need to win up front in the trench's. If you look at our Roster you see we need OL help , all our DB's are free agents after 2020 and we need to reload DL and keep it strength of team. You build the Lines as the foundation of your team and build out roster from there. Also look at the WR's we have talked with , with exception of Ruggs they are all late 1st / 2nd round guys. I think we will trade out of 13 UNLESS one of three players are on the board and in this order Tristan Wirfs | OT | Iowa , Derrick Brown | DL | Auburn or Jeff Okudah | CB | Ohio State. If these guys are off the board , which they should be , we will drop back somewhere between 15 and 20 ( I see a likely Denver / 49ers trade back and we get our 3rd or 4th back that we gave up for Sanders or the Raiders @ 19 have alot of draft capital to part with. ) . If we do drop back then I think we will take BPA and build out this roster in the OL , DL , CB , S , WR .