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Who could we trade next, and what do you think we could get for the player you select?

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Goodwin & Brieda for a pitcher of beer and a bag of chips + a 7th rounder
CJ Beathard for Russel Wilson & $100 + a 7th rounder
I'll give up Solly, CJ, and Pettis for-

A case of MRE's
Extra phone charger
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Originally posted by glorydayz:
Truth but you also have questions in the RB (is Jet fully recovered?) and WR (Who are our WR's as of right now?) rooms. Why move either of those guys until you have answers? One thing we know is that both of these guys have played well in the past.

it doesnt really matter if jet is healthy or not. We were down to a dog ass tired Mostert in the NFCCG after Coleman got hurt and and Breida got like one carry and Shanny looked like a guy scared to give him the ball. Was trying to get Mostert on the field as quick as possible.

So if we aren't going to play them why not get something for them and get some guys who you are going to play.
Brieda or Coleman. Maybe a 5th.
Trade Kwon and Dee for Yannick ngakoue
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Originally posted by WestCoastO:
Trade Kwon and Dee for Yannick ngakoue

and dede
Originally posted by thl408:
Originally posted by genus49:
Originally posted by thl408:
Beathard for a 7th
Witherspoon for a 5th

I can't think of another player, with trade value, that I'd rather just keep for depth (Breida, Bourne, TMoore, Mullens)

I'd move CJ for a sandwich at this point so we wouldn't have to keep 3 QBs just cuz Kyle doesn't wanna cut him.

I'd hold onto Spoon and hope he can find his groove he had before his injury last year.

Who would you be willing to trade?

I should've read the OP in more detail.

I'd trade Bosa before his short arms cost us another SB.
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