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Before greatness is recognized, the Defense must have a name!

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It's time to name our 2019 49ers Defense Boys and Girls. I'll start the conversation with this moniker: "Beastly_Boyz"!

Your turn!
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This is gimmick infringement. Only Moon gets to assign the nick names around here.
The Tegridy Boyz

This defense has Tegridy
America's Rowdiest Boys
The Bludgeoning
Redemption Song
Red Dead Redemption
The Crimson Guard
The Stonewall Brigade
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9MoonToo Electric Boogaloo
Wouldn't blow a 28-3 lead
Chupa Cabra !!!
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The Gold Curtain
Gang Gold
The Region of Doom
The Golden People Eaters
Defense's nickname? How about....



The Legion of Fog
I like the 4 hoursmen of the apocalypse I heard on this board before
The hot boyz of san fran
Bay Area Bad Boys
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