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Coaches Film Analysis: 2019 Season

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Originally posted by SFTifoso:
Clark called it cover 3 lmao

Just goes to show 1 he doesn't actually do his homework, and 2 the niner hate is real. Bottom line it was an excellent read and throw by jimmy g.
He's a talking head. You listen to him to be entertained.
Originally posted by jonnydel:

I watched again...there's some cool stuff going on in the GW. Took me a while to notice that we were in 21 pers

Juice - flat
Dante - stick/out
Wilson - corner
MG - snag/spot
Kittle - flat

That brings up the other thing I noticed on the bunch side we ran a spot variation that looked an awful lot like this one I found in the 1994 Niners play book. Of course just run from a bunch.

I'd imagine that Goodwins route acts as the tertiary read for either side and kinda tied them together. Since Jimmy went with the stick side you usually have the flat as primary, stick/out as secondary.....Goodwin's route in this view completes the L-R read on that side and places him in the middle. Had Jimmy went on the spot side then I'm better the progression would have looked that this play art. Kittle Primary, Wilson Secondary and MG third. Its a pretty cool multi concept/play design.
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Originally posted by jonnydel:


Originally posted by SkyZer0:
Originally posted by jonnydel:


Looks like that could've gone for 4-6 if the pass from Mayfield thrown accurately. He wasted precious time having to go up to get it. There was a running lane there to get some positive yard with RAC. Not sure he can get a 1st down on that doe

Wassup guys! Sorry it's taken longer than usual to start the thread, been messing with technical issues on my end. Hopefully I'll have those figured out sooner rather than later.

To start out, what a dominant win, huh? Lots of good stuff happened in the game and it all started up front on both sides. The run game was awesome and the defensive line completely shut down Cleveland's offense.

The diversity in the run game was on full display here. There were so many different plays Shanahan ran at Cleveland, it reminded me of the Cincy game where defenders were just not sure where to go or what to do.

One thing all this diversity does is keep the defense from being able to key on any one thing. In power-man schemes, LB's are taught to read the guards. You read where the guard goes and the play will be there. However, you couldn't do that in this game, highlighted by the very first play of the game. The guards sold a weakside, inside zone play, but the playcall was a strong side zone counter. This caused the LB's to take themselves out of the play. So, if guys aren't reading the guards in the run game then Shanny would throw some power stuff at them with pulling G's and C's and T's. This ability to pull any of the 5 lineman in any direction on outside sweeps, again, kept the LB's from being able to read and react. When that happens, it makes it then harder for LB's and DB's to read the lineman on run/pass. This will make guys play just a little bit slower and when you have as much speed as we have on offense, that's all you need to hit homeruns.

On the other side, the Browns came in looking to slow down Dee Ford and Buckner first. The problem there was that it let Armstead and Bosa feast. Teams will be facing serious hardships against us this year as they look to try and figure out, who can they contain with 1v1's? It's not feasible to keep 8 men in to block and only have 2 receiver routes. They were only a handful of plays in the game where Mayfield wasn't receiving pressure from at least one of our D-lineman.

At one point, they even brought in 2 TE's, with one of them being an offensive lineman, and kept both in to block, and we still got quick pressure. They had 6 OL in to block, plus a TE and we still got pressure. While trying to weather the storm of injuries over the next 4-5 weeks, our defensive line will be an area to lean on as we try and continue to stockpile wins before heading into a very tough stretch of the final 8 games of the year.

Hopefully I'll have fixed all my audio problems and will post some videos throughout the day.

I'm posting the 2nd video I did yesterday first because I have finally fixed the audio on the Breida play and am uploading it to YT now.
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Had a lot of time to write up stuff waiting for jd

I have to start with the defense because I'm still giddy that the team once again has a defense that is considered a strength. With Bosa able to shoulder a full workload, the defense gave fits to Baker with the rush and the muddy presnap looks. They again were predominantly zone, only occasionally mixing in man coverge. Sitting back, watching the QB, and letting the four man rush collapse the pocket is very sound gameplan considering Baker is a young QB that has yet to see everything an NFL defense can do.

CLE did no favors for Mayfield as they continually asked him to execute from the pocket using 5/7 step timing plays. Many times he hit the top of his drop, saw no one, and pressure was in his face or around his feet. His instincts took over, he'd look to evade, and the timing of the play was shot. 49ers just sat back in zone and kept the lid on top, not allowing any WRs to get behind them. The one time a WR looked like he was going to break free, Baker threw off his backfoot, couldn't get enough power on the throw and Sherman got his INT.

I thought the misdirection plays CLE had was the only consistent type of play that got them yards. They opened the game with a reverse to Beckham who threw a pass. They also had some success using misdirection to create some confusion, including Chubb's big run, but they never stayed with it. Asking for Mayfield to dropback, survey the field, and throw the ball with a messy pocket was a recipe for disaster. Five routes going out on a pass play helps stretch zones, but CLE having to keep in a RB or TE to help pass block worked against this so it was like a catch 22 - send out five routes to help beat zone coverage, but give Mayfield less time, or keep extra blockers in to give Mayfield more time, but less routes means lesser ability to manipulate the zone coverages that the 49ers were playing.

Offensively the stars were the run blockers and the RBs. I don't think I've ever seen Kyle's 49er guards pull as much as they are this season. The run game is multiple with some very creative wrinkles where they split the defensive front in half by giving mixed reads for the box defenders. I'll try to show a couple of these plays including the Kittle end around.

Their best drive was the opening drive of the 2nd half where they used playaction to move down the field in the passing game. It also included what I thought was Jimmy's best throw of the night, a 3rd & 6 conversion on a 15 yard out from the far hash, thrown perfectly. The 49ers made a conscious effort to get the ball out of Jimmy's hands quickly. I don't think they dialed up one shot play all game. No need to and no desire to with young Skule going up against a premier edge rusher.

This team is winning in ways that I did not expect. I thought during the offseason that having Pettis mature, Deebo, Hurd, Kittle, a stable of good RBs they'd be marching up and down the field putting up points. Instead, they are playing ball control and stifling defense. All that means is once the passing game gets on track, and it will with Kyle at the helm, it's going to get even better.
Thanks guys these are great!
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Originally posted by jonnydel:

I'm posting the 2nd video I did yesterday first because I have finally fixed the audio on the Breida play and am uploading it to YT now.
Well done here jd. I was going to show this but you nailed it. Mills vs Quarters. This is the play that CLE got the look they wanted and if Mayfield has time and space to step into this throw, it's a good route combination against Quarters. Too bad Bosa had to ruin it.

And yeah how did Sherman know to step in front of the route? Did he know Mayfield can't get enough strength behind the throw? He pretty much jumped the route knowing Mayfield couldn't put power to throw it over the top.

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Guys there's a lot of good content being put out by jd and a few others on the 49ers games. I'll reduce my cut ups to a select few that I think are really interesting to see. When it comes to the major plays, I think many content creators are gonna hit on them so no point in me doubling the work.

I have some thoughts on the Kittle TD and a few of the 49er defensive 3rd down stops. I'll show those as soon as I can.
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Originally posted by thl408:
This team is winning in ways that I did not expect.

This absolutely sums it up for me. I never could have anticipated this coming into the season esp. for Kyle given his history of OZ and intermediate passing game. He's either evolving his own philosophy here or has been waiting for the chance to be in total control to unleash his running game in a fashion we've only seen him do in the passing game. Wow.

And like you said...once he marries this varied running game with his passing game, I mean, sky really is the limit.
These numbers sure back this up. Why pass when you can run block instead.

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Originally posted by jonnydel:

One of the best breakdowns of plays. That little reviews of the run play against the Steelers really set the context of the Breida TD.

You're like Mr Rogers of football
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