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Top 10 Offensive Player Developments to Track in 2019

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Jimmy G needs to step up and be the guy we paid for. He was saying that injury was a blessing in disguise and that he spent the year off mastering his mental game and being on the same page with shanny knowing the whole playbook and all. He has to execute and translate all his knowledge onto the field come game day. Our success is predicated on Jimmy G's play and health this is the main offensive development i wanna see. And i hope Pettis tears it up too in year 2. I want them to come out and torch the Bucc's D week one show the league we aint playing.

Matt Ryan said it took him time to master Shanahan offense. Jimmy hasn't even had a full season playing in it yet. And he's got to build chemistry with new players on offense too.

He will.
Got to track GQ first, as to this Mullens fanboy, our $$$$ QB sits behind Mullens as it stands. If Shanny doesn't see enough progress from GQ, don't be surprised if Shanny sits GQ to start Mullens, over heavy protests from Lynch of course.

Case in the league history, Pete the Cheat sat Matt Flynn to start midget who was widely quoted as too short and not nfl spec. Mullens is like a Cadillac to Midget the Chev.
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