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San Francisco 49ers Draft 2019 Video (All Network Coverage)

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Hey all.

Delayed by vacation but couldn't not do my annual draft vid. :D
Thanks marvin! I always love watching your vídeos!
Just watched it, thanks! Only critique I'd have is the pics before each pick. Just kind of prolonged it. But I still appreciate it though
Thanks Marvin... Googled searched for this 2 days ago... Been waiting so much appreciated..
Great stuff Marvin, always enjoy these, I had NFL Network on, so I missed the Lynch interview on ESPN.
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Good job, Marv.
Great job Marvin, thank you, really enjoyed it.
  • GORO
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I kept looking for your video. Thanks for the hard work.
LOVE these every year, thanks man.
I wait for this every year. Love it. Thanks Marvin!

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Awesome video!
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