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Mitch Wishnowsky - Punter (Utah) is a 49er

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Socks and underwear are great. This was like the gift that was regifted to someone else.
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Originally posted by niners94:
Better be prime Andy Lee level.

Instantly brought flashbacks to when we drafted Pinion and let go of Andy lee. Remember pinions first year?
Originally posted by Alfienator:
Originally posted by susweel:
Punter in the 4th round. This team is run by morans

Even if morons

If he turns out to be an awesome punter like the one from the Seahawks, I'm fine with it.
I'm down with Mitch Wishnowsky. People b***hed about us drafting Lee, but having a guy that can make a difference on special teams is much better than taking a guy that won't be in the league in 2-3 years.
Check out these punting highlights.

Mitch can make going 3 and out fun.
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Why in the 4th round? We couldn't have found a punter in the 6th round?
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According to Utah fans, this dude was basically giving the green light to tuck it and run whenever he wanted because of his athleticism and awareness. So he has a gifted leg and more.

Kentavious Street, Joe Williams, Rashard Robinson, Blake Bell, Mike davis, Deandre Smelter, Bruce Ellington, Dontae Johnson, Quinton Patton, Marcus Lattimore, Joe Looney.....

What do all these guys have in common? They are all of our 4th round picks since 2012, and none of them amounted to JACK SQUAT.
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Anytime you picked a punter, you've given up on the rest of the draft.
I don't think so, qnn. Let's see how this plays out. We now have two squads that have real excitement potential, DL and WR.
The additions are dynamic on both sides of the LOS.

If they felt that punter was critical need, they had to grab the guy they wanted when they could. You wait, you're late.

We definitely need OL and DB help. The likely emphasis will now be OL. They might have their eye on some hidden gems for DB late in the draft, but that ship probably has sailed on that position. We'll see.
Originally posted by mayo49:
He's 27 already.

is he for real?
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Originally posted by glorydayz:
Originally posted by mayo49:
He's 27 already.

is he for real?

Punts can play well into their late 30s. But he's 27 that ran a 4.6 40 and has deadly accuracy.
What a Seahawk / Rams / Cardinals fan probably looked like between two 9er fans after this pick...
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