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Nick "Joey" Bosa - DE - 🤷‍♂️🐻🤷‍

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Creating one because I didn't see it!

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Boom yes!
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Team Bosa!!
And already wants to kick butt
Everyone is Happy for once...
Hell Yea, we didn't get cute and f**k it up. I wanted QW, but I'm happy as hell with Bosa.

Hopefully we have him signed by the bye.
Front page lock
Bosa is the missing link! Playoffs here we come!!!!
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Ahhhhh skeet skeet skeet

You better get on your heels, Wilson.

Money in the bank. Get ready NFC West QBs, we're coming for dat a$$.
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I am kinda happy to have Bosa as I love him, but also a little sad that Murray didn't slip to us. Perfectly happy to settle for Bosa.

Go Bosa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dumbest pick ever. Josh Allen will be the khalil Mack. John Lynch screwed this up big time
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