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Niners acquire Dee Ford, DE

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Santa Clause type sled?
Would love a healthy Ford. With the way this secondary is playing, he could eat.
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that would be an enormous boost if he could come back and play consistently

i give it a 25% chance though

Pushing a sled? Maybe, he's close to coming back.

Needs to come back if they want any hope of stopping Wilson. This DL is just too slow
Originally posted by Ensatsu:
Needs to come back if they want any hope of stopping Wilson. This DL is just too slow

Better to be slow and in the right spot than fast and out of position.
I'm not going to count on this dude for anything He's always a letdown.
Originally posted by DRCHOWDER:
Waiting for that tweet of his new injury of pushing a sled that wasn't on snow. Its coming...
That was my first thought. Dee Ford would go on the IR if a flake of snow landed on his head.
Princess Dee is still MIA
I don't hate him but I'm totally disgusted with him. Can't depend on him, He goes on my "who cares" list.
I'm not even sure if I would get excited if Ford offered to come back for free....
Does he still love the game?

Ford needs to go after this season, if someone would trade any pick for him I would take it, but otherwise, he along with Alexander, and unless Richburg comes back and plays good, Richburg would be on the list of 3 guys that need to go after this season (Ford+Alxander+Richburg). If no one would trade anything for any of them, then we can either cut them directly, and take all the dead money hits in 2021, or we could June 1st cut them, and spread the dead money hits over 2 seasons. I am for getting it all done in 2021, since contracts for players will be down, and thus we don't need a lot of money to bring in stop gap FA's, or we could just look with in for replacements or through the draft.

I am done reworking their deals, and making it harder and harder to cut them, thus keeping them around making far more than they are worth due to large cap hits if we cut them. Do it this off season, take the hits, while saving more than they are probably worth in FA.
His no show in they SB, after his former teammates ran their mouths about him for weeks leading up to it, told me everything I need to know about this guy.

Just IR his ass already and find a way to get rid of him in the offseason.
What's his problem anyways? Didn't he say in training camp that he was as healthy as he has been in years? Then 3 games into the season he has Back and Neck issues that have lasted over a month so far. I don't even recall where he got hurt. With all the other guys we know there have been something broken or some sort of tear, Or guys atleast trying to work their way back. But there has been nothing on Ford.
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Is Ford playing possum or is he really hurt?
Originally posted by mayo49:
Is Ford playing possum or is he really hurt?

Hes collecting checks on the couch. He is a bigger quitter than Patrick Willis.
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