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Jalen Hurd-WR-Baylor is a 49ER

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Originally posted by genus49:
I hope I'm wrong about this pick but damnit...feels like we left starters on the board for a project.

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Walked out on Tennessee. Hurt his knee. I don't know. I guess we just trust Shanny

Do you believe this (Hurd >>> Butler) ???
Hope Shanahan is right about WR again. Hated the pick cuz I felt there were starters at other positions available.
Red zone guy for sure.
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Super versatile player. Like this dude's potential.
Who dis
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
I like that he is big.

But..... He is slow. He started playing a different position. Then transferred. He is barely familiar with WR.

There were better players on the board by far. Even better WR's were available.

He ran a 4.3 40 in college, do you ever know what you are talking about?
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I watched this young man in high school and in college while at UT. He does not look fast but has long loping strides. One problem I had with him he quit on his team while at UT it started in the Georgia game, he transferred from UT and went to Baylor. I hope he has matured since then.
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5.69, kind of pedestrian.
He was a beast RB at Tennessee and is one of the best HS players ever from Tennessee. Over 3,000 as a junior

Welcome to the Niners Ed McCaffrey
This kid is physical!
I hate this pick. Where the f**k does he fit in? 4th or 5th wide out? 3d tight end? H back? Practice squad? Fml
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Originally posted by krizay:
Originally posted by Cisco0623:
I think the idea is he can do anything and help Kittle. He is basically a TE with massive agility. I think they'll do crazy s**t with him and I can see him being a cover nightmare over the middle.

Here we go again in the 3rd round trying to be cute.

If you wanted a TE take FN Sternberger.

I could imagine Hurd and Pettis arguing about who has the better hairdo
49ers fans wanted a BIG WR, they got one now. This dude spent most of his career as a RB, was a pretty good one, had a really good year as he transitioned WR, kind of an odd pick but there is a lot for Kyle to work with.

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