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Jalen Hurd-WR-Baylor is a 49ER

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Wtf? 2 receivers?
Wow, surprising pick..
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Man is literally a Giant on this roster....
Guess the thinking is they gotta get at least 1 out of 2 of these WR picks right.

So Seattle's got the beast,...and we've got one to challenge that draft title as well as challenge our 2nd rounder for PT.

Should be interesting with these two from a competition standpoint.
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At least we dont have to hear from the big WR crowd anymore
Waiting on the butt"Hurd" comments...Welcome to the Niners!
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Originally posted by TrojanPV:
Wtf? 2 receivers?
Our WR core is pretty bad outside of Pettis.
wow wow wow wow... I didn't expect him to go this early but I don't mind since I had him pegged as a 4th round steal. I've long brought his name up as someone who Shanny could do scary things with.
What red zone problems?!
6'4" rb to wr convert... very interesting
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well we can score points and rush the passer. We'll need to w/out a defensive backfield
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Never Hurd of him.
Surprised by this one
Have a feeling we're going to try to make this guy a prime red zone target. Hope it works out.
Moves like this make me want to pull a tyreke hill
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