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Jalen Hurd-WR-Baylor is a 49ER

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This guy is a very underrated route runner. I'd be very happy if we drafted him. Perfect WR for this scheme.
Originally posted by TheFunkyChicken:
Wait, I'm just catching up here....

Dude is 6'5" 240 and plays both WR and RB??

Is there any comp for that kind of player in the NFL?

I mean, I know we used Delanie Walker as kind of a hybrid TE/FB, and he was pretty beefy. But he was definitely not 6'5".

He's interesting for sure. Seems like someone who would transition to TE in the pro though, right?

that has been discussed (future at TE). Im thinking he'd be a great backup to Kyle Juszchek(sp.?) for us. But a H-Back, FB, ST type guy for the rest of the NFL. The type of guy that comes in the 6th. rd., and shocks everyone.
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I like.
FFS in the 3d?! I dont see anything to justify This
Tall mofo
Got that size finally.
well he is 6'4''.
I can dig it.

Niners loading up on receivers.
Should make some folks happy
Okay I am a little confused. However, if he kicks someone off the team at WR, that means we are better. Goodbye Bourne.
I would love to hear the logic on this one.

Loved the first 2 picks.
People are so wrong about this guy he's a beast!!!
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