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Niner Player Development

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Here is a question I've had for years. Thought I'd drop it on NT to see what you guys think.

I've been a fan of the 49ers since 1984 and I've seen plenty of good and bad times following the team. There are a few oddities that stick out to me over the years watching the NFL.

- We are atrocious at drafting and/or developing wide receivers. I don't see other teams having this kind of drought.

- Defensive backs that we draft rarely develop into anything special. I see other teams that can roll out any random rookie year after year that can play well yet our rookies get targeted and burned.

- We have drafted one legitimate pass rusher since Charles Haley...and he is out of the league. Why is it so hard for us to find/develop pass rushers?

- Our team historically does not play well when the opposing team's backup QB is playing. We make them look like Pro Bowl players and I'm not sure why. Every single time we play a backup QB you can book they will have a great game. It's weird.

This is not an indictment of the current coaching staff or scheme. I've noticed these things over time regardless of who the coaches were or the scheme played.

It does seem like the same issue year after damn year
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