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What bothers you about the 49ers?

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the 49ers
The fanbase.
Originally posted by pdizo916:
The fanbase.

Injuries drive me nuts.
Two significant drop offs, one, Eddie D losing the franchise, the team has never been the same. Two, with the signing of Harbaugh there was hope that a winning culture was coming back, we were wrong. Harbaugh did not win with class or more likely the palace was built now reap the benefits. Everyone calls us whiners, even people on this site, why? Because we want a winning team, or more importantly an ownership that wants to be the best. Maybe we became really spoiled living in Camelot, do the Yorks know how to get back there, or even want to? You be the judge.
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Annoying homers
Being Snake bitten at every point of development.Yup, bad luck.
Originally posted by genus49:
The whiny and overreaction filled fans.
One step forward....

Two steps back....

Never getting to a championship this way.
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That they don't have striped socks anymore
The only thing that really bothers me is the draft capital the team has squandered by moving up for players that haven't really worked out or were projected to be taken where we were originally drafting from. But that is hindsight

Well that and injuries. They are off the chain this year
The excuses
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Injuries drive me nuts.

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The defense and lack of an edge rusher
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