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⛏ SF 49ERS vs LA RAMS 🐏 GAMEDAY THREAD - 2018 Season Week 7

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⛏ SF 49ERS vs LA RAMS 🐏 GAMEDAY THREAD - 2018 Season Week 7

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Keep some perspective, the Rams are very good, and the 49ers are decimated by injury. This was the first loss of the year where we we were never in the game.
The fuk otta here with that sh!t

Here's some perspective for you: As OC Kyle Shanahan is probably the best in the league. As a complete HC, as an evaluator of talent, he's complete sh!t and it's on full display. This cannot be blamed on Baalke anymore. This roster is mostly Shanny and Lynch's roster. A "players only" meeting won't fix this sh!t.

If Shanny is to be successful going forward he's gonna have to swallow a lot of pride, pride in the personnel choices for his scheme, pride in how the team is run. He needs to hire not just an Assist. HC, he needs to hire a co-HC; a respected guy who can set a standard of accountability, because obviously Shanny isn't adept at enforcing accountability. All of these turnovers? That means that the HC isn't pushing penalties for in-game miscues. Shanny seems to be a "players coach" that the players don't fear being held to account for their fumbles, INT's, penalties, etc. I'm listening to Shanny's presser right now; I have no faith that he has any clue on how to fix the turnovers. NONE!!!

So please, can we start being honest and get the fuk out of the honeymoon bed with Shanny and start calling it like it is.
My plan
Kyle on phone: " Daddy? The Rams beat me up! Will you help me get them back ? ..................what?.................No, it's not just the Rams. Everybody is! ..... Bring all your friends too!............Ok..... Please hurry

Is so true though. It has become glaringly obvious that his ability or rather inability to evaluate talent is one big question mark.

Originally posted by LifelongNiner:
How so? He has some hits and he has some misses/whiffs. I don't understand how this would be any different from one week to the next. Was this week circled as NOW this is the week we are going to put it all together? If it were glaringly obvious, we would have absolutely no talent. We have some talent and we have a body count of hurt guys which is among the worse I've ever seen. What will be interesting is to see how we perform again against Arizona, Oakland, against NY, etc. But to evaluate this beat up team against the NFL's best is silly. My only real worry in terms of their evaluation of talent is that if Thomas is moved inside and they get an edge rusher and he still shows nothing. But other than that, we've got a number 1 TE, got a franchise QB, have a borderline number 1 receiver (problem is, no one else scares anyone), a really good underutilized FB, a much improved OL, etc. The interesting thing is that all of the good that this team has is on offense. I don't count Richard Sherman because he was he who he was before he got here and Buck/Foster were expected to be good. But outside of that, no one has emerged on defense. Not a single player. Then of course there are the other team related issues. But with this talent evaluation thing, the weakness appears to be on one side of the ball.
You know, the infuriating thing coming from fans, because Shanny is a great offensive mind, is the unwillingness to see things as they are. The fact is that he's sucking as a head coach so far. Don't mean he won't/can't get it right. But as it stands he's not preforming well. Being a HC requires a certain measure of coaching completion, which young Shanny hasn't displayed (and I challenge any fan to show me otherwise). Situational football still seems to be lacking. ST now seems to be an issue. Tackling still remains an issue demanding attention. His scheme is the best in the league, but the personnel he's chosen to run it isn't gonna get it done, primarily due to the realities of the game he faces. Two high draft picks, for one reason or another, cannot get on the field, and many of his other draft picks are either injured or just physically not up to task. There's NO WR's on this roster who can be counted on being a #1. Our best pass catcher to date is a TE. Shanny seems intent on making a slot WR (a really good one I admit) the focal point of his passing game, in spite of his inability to stay healthy. Matter of fact, outside of the TE much of Shanny's offensive focal points are light, undersized guys who have trouble staying on the field.
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Originally posted by TheXFactor:
Originally posted by LVJay:
Another divisional game next week on the road... Tards rested and have a better OC now.


a better OC? The man has never been a OC before lol.

That's just sad to hear. Everyone around here is so depressed lol.

It's better to have no luck than bad luck... no OC experience >>> bad all around
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