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Who's doing worse putting talent on field

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Who's doing worse putting talent on field

Originally posted by Ensatsu:
Why can't we hire Scot McCloughan. I mean...seriously. Who cares if he gets drunk? Just pick some football players in April. The guy could be drunk during the draft and still probably assemble a decent roster.

He the last successful gm we have had, he even drafted most the seahawk guys too, why the hell not
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Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
He the last successful gm we have had, he even drafted most the seahawk guys too, why the hell not

John Schneider and Pete Carroll drafted most of the Seahawks talent not Scot.
So far I'd say a tie. Let's see after three drafts where we are but the fact that after two drafts and we still have no depth is very alarming
The San Francisco 49ers players are fired! They defense seem that jokes! They are fired! They need play for real game than pretend play games for us! They should paid for cost as penalty because 49ers players want the loss game for us!. It is not deal with them.
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Originally posted by FAITHFULLEST:
Baalke destroyed the roster starting by not resigning delanie walker and dashon goldson. Walker was and stll is a mismatch nightmare. And goldson was a hawk and a hitter. Countless times taking wr out of games with his hits. Most of the time he hit low too so he really wouldnt get flagged for personal fouls. Then with all them draft picks he had didnt get squat. The best player he probably got was chris borland who scared players into retirement. Aldon smith was a product of justin smith. Instead of trading down for more picks they should have traded up for quality players. Whatever it just irks me to think about how he destroyed the what mcloughan built.

dude you realize Goldson fell off when we got rid of him. He was traded in 2015 for a 6th round pick lol.
Baalke's plan was to have Jim Harbaugh saved his ass. But when he got over confident he got rid of Jim Harbaugh, this misstep resulted in Baalke losing his job eventually.

Lynch and Shanahan's plan was to have Jimmy G save their ass. This plan will not work this season for obvious reasons. But they still have Jimmy G for next season.
AT LEAST Lynch tries. Baalke couldnt care less.
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