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Team Conditioning Concerns

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Originally posted by theduke85:
I agree completely. Also, you can extrapolate what you're talking about to offensive / defensive coordinators too. Let's look at Seattle. For five years, every Seattle fan has been complaining nonstop about how Darrell Bevell is "clearly the worst" offensive coordinator in the league. Now they go out and hire Brian Schottenheimer and their fans are making the same generic complaints about him. My point is that if you zero on your own team, you don't realize that other teams have the same problems and complaints. If Seattle fans would open their eyes and listen to what other fans are saying about their OCs, they'd come to the conclusion that all fans think their team is victimized by their coaching staff.

But yeah, back to injuries. There are so many variables that go into it. I hate listing IR count, because teams game the system all the time (e.g. redshirting players by putting them on IR). If Richard Sherman goes down with an injury, I don't consider that "bad luck" -- that's bringing in a player coming off a major injury, what the hell do you expect? Even Jimmy G, one of the lone question marks with him was his durability. No, I don't feel sorry for our team because Jimmy G took the moronic route of absorbing a hit to pick up a meaningless extra yard. That's not bad luck, that's just poor awareness on his part.

Injuries happen to all teams. Those with solid depth are going to survive them. Sure, there are sometimes insurmountable injuries (Jimmy G is probably one), but one player shouldn't make or break your entire team. Look at a team like the Patriots. They lose key players all the time (Hightower missed most of last year, Gronk is perpetually injured, etc) and they still win. The Eagles just won the Super Bowl with Nick ****ing Foles! Stop looking at this as "next year, this trend of injuries is going to change" and instead accept that this is closer to the norm than a curse of aberration.

Yes and no.
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