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First post ever let me say...

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Originally posted by defenderDX:
anyone wonder why Soloman Thomas was running down the field with a WR?

Because Saleh is an idiot and likes to get cute with his blitzes and matchups. Happened last week with Buckner covering down field. That play was the nail in the coffin for me. He already has Thomas playing out of position at edge, now he's in coverage. He's literally Russell Crowe in "A Beautiful Mind." Thinking he's smart but really he's just crazy. Lol.
Im a faithful 4 life, that won't change. (WTBS) I'm not encouraged by any aspect of this team. Kyle and John are rookies and it shows. Kyle is overrated at best currently and continues to be out coached. We shouldn't of beat the lions to be honest. How can anyone be encouraged at this point. I hate to say it again and again but I was pissed when they f#@ked harbaugh. Say what you want but 41-19 isn't something you walk away from. We been struggling ever since
Solid first post..
The head coach should know this first hand about his defense but instead of going into half with a lead and the kick off to start 3rd quarter he does the unthinkable.
Originally posted by jcs:
Originally posted by NY49er5:
Another thought i had prior to the Pettis injury

Trade Garcon to New England or Dallas asap

I like him but were not competing for playoffs this year and hes sure to be gone next year

Let Richie James/Pettis/Bourne get more pt
Pettis might be seriously injured.

Maiocco said neither he nor Staley suffered any long term injuries.
Originally posted by Stanley:
I don't see this being encouraging. It's the same old nonsense - mental errors and missed tackling. Yes we have injuries, but are those injured really impact players? This team lacks overall talent, especially on defense.

It's one thing to play a tough game and lose, but continuing to lose the way we're losing is not acceptable and excruciating to watch.

Starting QB, starting RB, starting CB, starting safeties, I think Garnett would be better than Person, most of today without our starting LT...

The answer is yes, absolutely impact players.
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Remember all the talk last year how everyone supposedly wanted to come to Niners in off-season and then as free agency started all the top players went to everyone other than the Niners. Also how the Rams where supposedly scared of the Niners because that last game outcome... If the the Rams now is what scared looks like....
Lol @ beathgod.
Originally posted by pelos21:
Lol @ beathgod.

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Originally posted by NY49er5:
There are some truly talented players on this team right now

- Kittle is star bound
- Warner and Foster are a great duo inside
- McGlinchey has been a pleasant surprise so far

The coaching staff the jury is still out, Kyle is a great offensive mind but needs more polish

Saleh can go, i feel we need a vet DC to balance out Kyles youth like LA has

This was an encouraging loss, a loss always sucks but i saw marked improvement in areas that needed it badly. Some of those issues creeped back up (tackling specifically) but we also got screwed by a missed block in the back that may have killed LAs fame winning drive

One moew thing, we need to address the injury issue. We nay need to change something because i never seen a team this injured through 4 weeks. Its killing our chances to be competitive

Welcome aboard.

Well this loss is clearly on the defense. They suck. the defensive line has 3 1st round picks and no sacks. Pathetic.

............but I'm not jumping off the bridge yet.
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Perhaps we expected too much after that stellar finish we had last year. We got young coaches, young players and it's clear we aren't a contender yet. Just trying to keep my thoughts positive, maybe the adversity makes us better moving forward.
I'm never jumping ship.. can't wait for the days when again we are consistently a team to be reconned with.. until then faith & hope is all I have
Originally posted by 9erfaith4life:
I'm never jumping ship.. can't wait for the days when again we are consistently a team to be reconned with.. until then faith & hope is all I have

Amen bro
Remember going to Green Bay when it was 6 degrees and some of the Niners came out with no sleeves, what about the Patriots in foxboro or the saint in San Francisco.
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