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⛏ SF 49ERS vs AZ CARDINALS 🌵 GAMEDAY THREAD - 2018 Season Week 5

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⛏ SF 49ERS vs AZ CARDINALS 🌵 GAMEDAY THREAD - 2018 Season Week 5

How many false starts did we have today? Was pathetic. And can we find a tight end who can catch.

Bosa the younger, here we come.
We aren't just shooting ourselves in the foot. We're giving it both barrels and blowing that f**ker clean off.
Originally posted by bud49:
Like I said before I will take Harbs 10 to 1 over this crew anyday. Just like a broken record they gonna be good next year when they get everybody back just wait and see hear the same ole same ole every year and what happens Poop. I like Jimmy G but who the heck said he was a franchise QB does 7 to 8 games tell you that? Don't get me wrong I hope he is but I will wait for a while before I crown him savior of all.

Again Harbs didn't accept a offer, so there's really no pt in bringing him up anymore. Even the great Harbs (with a much more proven coaching staff) could only muster up 8 wins his last yr after dealing with a ton of injuries....and he didn't lose his starting QB 3 weeks into the season.

You don't have to crown him anything...he's at the very least a good QB that can move the offense. They need talent around him and that's a process. s**t isn't gonna magically happen yr 2 into a rebuild. Injuries happen and most of the time can't be controlled. Most teams that do well are also lucky enough to stay healthy.
Originally posted by NCommand:
Originally posted by Karma:
McKinnon was going to be a playmaker. Goodwin is on the cusp of being one. Breida has definitely been a game changer. Kittle is reminding me more of Jason Witten everyday.

I think the players we have been adding are getting us closer, but I know how you feel. This is demoralizing.

The bigger problem is we can never get them all together on the field at the same time let alone an extended period of time.
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