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Who? Edge rushers never hit the free agency market. It'll be through the draft. Yes there are other players in the draft who may be good, but they are far more risky and less likely to be as successful as Bosa.

Keep in mind that..
1 extra win in Week 17 was the difference between drafting DeForest vs drafting Joey Bosa
1 extra win in Week 16 was the difference between drafting Solomon Thomas vs Myles Garrett

Would you rather have a DeForest/Thomas combo or Garrett/Bosa?

Chandler Jones led the league in sacks last year, the Cardinals got him for a 2nd rounder. Seattle built up their SB defense through signing pass rushers like Avril and Bennett in FA. Mack was just traded to the Bears this year. Jason Pierre Paul has 12 sacks, Tampa got him via FA.

There are many ways to get high quality pass rushers outside of the #1 pick.
Last year Calais Campbell was a league leader in sacks and he was a F/A. This year M.Bennett was picked up for a 4th round pick and he's on pace and has been on a tear the last 4 weeks to hit the 10 sack mark.