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Just tank, baby!
There might just be different levels of "Tanking". For instance if the coaching staff ( with the tacit approval of the FO ), is playing second or even 3rd string players with the intention to be evaluating said players to determine their worth to the team, and there were and/or better players that are not starting, then that could be considered as " not playing to win " ?

Or what if the some of the veteran players are not playing with the expected level of intensity or desire, but the coaches don't hold them as accountable because even by now even the staff knows it's a losing cause and looks the other way ?

Or even the coaches trying/experimenting with some different schemes and play calls to see what works with different players cause they don't have as much on the line.

Lastly, the lack of as much pressure from the fan base, ( or what's left of it ) to expect to keep trying to win games, some for draft position reasoning. there's more to it then just tanking. Then of course,what FO or Staff would ever admit to not not wanting to win. IMO there are many angles to the discussion. But when a staff is trying to build a winning culture it's seems to be a slippery slope to openly or even implied tanking....
Wins are what a team plays for, the draft is a crap shoot...
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Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Originally posted by jreff22:
Originally posted by English:
Yeah, other teams down to their 3rd string quarterback, their 2nd string running back, without their two starting receivers, linebackers, safeties, yeah, other teams would be just burning it up.

Breida has performed like a starter, Pettis was a 2nd round pick that should be classified as a starter, Tartt was starting. We aren't "down" to our 3rd string QB, Shanny benched CJ.

Foster is the only one that left a hole.

Breida is completely undependable because he cant stay on the field. Pettis wouldnt be starting at all if Goodwin and Garcon were both healthy. And whether or not you want to call Mullens 2nd or 3rd string the fact remains that he is an UDFA with a noodle arm. And you dont think losing Jimmy G left a hole for the Niners?

I dont think there is anyway the 49ers are battling for the 1st pick in the draft without all these injuries. At this point I am just praying they dont win a meaningless game and lose out on the Nick Bosa sweepstakes.
This week will be the first game he's missed since high school. He's been dealing with a single lingering injury all year, that doesn't make him injury prone.
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May the tank be with you - four more games.
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Originally posted by LenCat:
win baby win!! WIN!!! WIN!!! WIN!!!!!!!!!

That's not an option for this team

thanks a lot Kittle...
WZ gonna be fun this week
We ain't tanking no more, not after the emergence of our franchise QB Mullens, he is carrying our team on his shoulders.

Hold up....we're still picking 1st according to talkathon!

Zona and SF have the same SOS and they beat us twice which pushing them down
Great. Now I have to wait for this thread to get to the next page to avoid that gif.
Cardinals got the number 1 now. This win wasn't worth it. He's taking Jimmy G out next year.
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