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⛏ SF 49ERS @ LA CHARGERS⚡️ Gameday Thread - 2018 Season Week 4

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⛏ SF 49ERS @ LA CHARGERS⚡️ Gameday Thread - 2018 Season Week 4

Celek with the dropped pass for INT was ultimately cost SF the game.

Basically at the least a 10 pt swing
Originally posted by jreff22:
If Shanny won't fire Saleh he might go down with him.

I'm hoping Shanahan, for all of his offensive know how, can see the D is the problem. You can give Saleh a pass because the run D at least improved. But the mess that we have trotted out this year? Could easily be 3-1 with a halfway decent defense. Not even necessarily better players because the coaches don't directly control that. But better calls, better tackling, etc.
Need results. Shanny is 7-13..The Chargers are not one of the league's best teams...
Originally posted by cali2COniner:
We are soooooooo far from even being a wild card team. Long way to go

Need our starting QB, RB, CB, LT back. Need an edge rusher (or 2), a better RG and improvement from the young defensive players. 2019 was the projected playoff contention year when Shanahan was hired, and that was without the injury setbacks.
I hate this defense. Saleh needs to go. He's not ready to be a HC yet. We just started the freaking season now we have to watch 12 more games of bad football. I can't deal with this s**t. This season wasn't supposed to be like this. The whole defense is trash. They've made no progress.
Originally posted by wolfpack2192:
This one falls on our defense, Celek for turning it over in the red zone, and our left tackle for allowing the outside rusher to go un touched. Beathard played fine, nothing spectacular but this ain't on him. And I'm sick of this team being made of glass. New trainers end conditioning coach are needed. Also Seleh sucks.

I'd be fine if Gilliam never plays another snap for the 49ers. Each time he plays it is clear that he is in way over his head.
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Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by Niners99:
The franchise QB being out kind of puts us in that position.

QB really wasn't the issue today though. Beathard played well enough to win. The defense continuing to have issues tackling has to put the entire defensive coaching staff on notice. Yeah they have a bunch of injuries but there is way too much bush league stuff and flat out whiffing on tackles going on. More than can be explained away by youth and injury.

2 games okay, it happens, but now 4 games of atrocious tackling? Not kosher.

Totally this. The Offense has been keeping us in games...we came close in KC and again today. The tackling is sooooo bad, can't stop anyone. Hell I'm surprised to PI calls on Spoon and Ward.
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Originally posted by Baldie:
AZ gonna go into Levi's next week and blow us out....just watch

We are guaranteed a top 3 pick if this happens.
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Originally posted by socal1632:
Shanny blows 2 challenges. Can't stop the clock

Originally posted by LVJay:
Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
Originally posted by Leathaface:
the entire D except maybe 3 guys needs to be replaced.

buck, foster, sherman.


Exum looked good. We also haven't everybody who is sitting out

Originally posted by LVJay:
Originally posted by Leathaface:
the entire D except maybe 3 guys needs to be replaced.

Acorn Head first

Acorn head is too busy scheming on how to put his puppet Solly at CB next week.
Don't need to waste anymore Sunday's watching these bums and their mental errors and missed tackles.

This team is a joke. Injuries aside, they're useless.
When will we see improvement?
Originally posted by jreff22:
Originally posted by captveg:
Originally posted by jcs:
Rivers is the slowest QB in the NFL and he just broke away from AA....

We all know AA is not coming back if they can find someone else this offseason. His book is written at this point in SF.

He should've been released.

It wouldn't have bothered me if they did, but they still had a ton of holes to fill so it didn't bother me that they didn't, either. When you have a dozen position priorities you can't fix it all at once.
This game is mostly on defense the defense has to get better.
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