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49ers select DJ Reed CB, Kansas St, 4th Round of 2018 NFL Draft

Sure. DB help is still good.
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pics or it didn't happen
even if 49
Really good player. He'll play in the slot.
I like the pick. Talented, experienced slot corner. He'll be replacing Williams sooner rather than later.

As much as I disliked the Street pick, this is a good one.
What strikes me as funny is that after last years late round and UDFA picks, folks here will not give this FO and scout staff the benefit of the doubt at all.
Our slot guy is here
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Saleh got his hawk in the slot!!!
Kwaun Williams was already here :)

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Originally posted by Bobdawg78:
Kwaun Williams was already here :)

Reed could be good for rotation and dime packages, the kid is a ballhawk.
Our new kick returner to go with Pettis for punts.

What was The Daily Show's mocking of Singletary? "We're gonna play in all three parts of the game. Offense, defense, and that other thing." LOL, something like that.
These rounds are for backups and special teams, so not sweating any of these picks
So he's an upgrade over K Williams?
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