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49ers draft Kentavius Street-DE-NC State

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Trent Baalke in the House!
Baalke pick.
Originally posted by Mertonschickendance:

Balkee was here
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by Mertonschickendance:

Baalke: *shedding a tear* "So proud!"
Who is this bum!!!
Josh sweat was right there
Total baalke sterotype.. but I love this pick. i know the torn acl is a scary thing but he is a legit edge rusher.

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Was a good draft until this
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He seems like another big end 5tech. Always thought Solly would make his home at base 5t once they find a true Leo.
The ghost of baalke still lives. The very meh draft continues.
I'm going to be incredibly disappointed if Okoronkwo turns out to be the stud I think he will be.

I just hate these ACL picks and will never support them from any GM. Too much risk involved and it has a very low chance of turning into success stories.

This is the only Lynch pick that I question over the last two drafts. Hopefully it works out.
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