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49ers select WR Dante "Do something...anything" Pettis in 2nd round

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Hopefully he ends up playing closer to 200. Lots of Wr's come in overly slim to the combine to try to boost their skill measurables.
Good pick. Anyone that makes jake Browning look like a college qb has to be very good.

Originally posted by Young2Rice:
Looks like a pretty good player that can do it all. Will probably start next to Garcon.

Seriously doubt he starts ahead of Goodwin. I think he will see a lot of action as a 3rd WR and perhaps take Taylor's spot as the #1 slot receiver. He will make this unit much more explosive.

I didnt like trading up and giving up a 3rd to get him but I do think he will be a big contributor.
3 inches taller, identical weight, and almost identical draft position as Mark Duper, who had an excellent career starting with year 2. I'm seriously smelling Shula/Marino's offense warming up. All Shula's wideouts, and he used them all, were short, quick, breakaway guys.
Originally posted by valrod33:
Hopefully this means we see a lot less of Trent Taylor now

what do u have against taylor
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Kyle just said Pettis beats press very well. I trust the internet scouting report more.
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Originally posted by tatdwolf49:
Yay another midget Taylor clone

swing and a miss, good try


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So what is his ceiling?

Doug Baldwin?
Originally posted by captveg:
Originally posted by Team49ers:
So what did we give up? im not near a tv

We got picks 44 and 142.

Gave up picks 59 and 74.
Originally posted by LVJay:

BIG TIME #REACH ...... But I ain't mad tho, if Shanny wanted him that bad, he'll be in the line up often and making plays #BookIt

The bold is what QBs love...JG gonna make him look good and vice versa

  • Good athlete with explosion traits
  • Can play outside or from slot
  • Fine-tuned route runner known for his work ethic
  • Runs full route tree
  • Accelerates off line and sinks hips into breaks for sharp turns and additional separation
  • Impressive short-area quickness for receiver with his stride length
  • Moves cornerbacks around with route savvy and effective fakes
  • Scrambles to uncover when quarterback leaves pocket
  • Works back to throws
  • Natural pass catcher with stick-and-stay hands
  • Plus concentration in traffic
  • Has sudden hands
  • Makes necessary deep ball and in-air body adjustments to catch
  • Has slant and fade quickness near goal line to dismantle coverage
  • Elusive punt return specialist with nine career touchdowns
  • Eludes first tackler and hits his top gear quickly

How can you not love this kid with these attributes! Wow
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Originally posted by Heroism:

Looks like he's a fan of Mcgregor lol

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Originally posted by RTFirefly:
2016 - 15 TDs receiving, 2 punt returns
2017 - 7 TDs receiving, 4 punt returns

Big play guy, get him the ball and he's a threat to bust it.

He had 9 punt return tds. Broke desaun Jackson record by 2
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Originally posted by brodiebluebanaszak:
Sure I think shanny has the right to pick a draft crush. Probly will be a good player. But, we have lots of needs not being met. Seemingly higher than a plesant add to our wr corps.

Obviously they think they met more needs during free agency than most on this board
I was shocked by the pick a bit but when an offensive genius storms up the draft board to grab a guy like this it just has to get you pumped for what we might have here. You think Shanahan and Lynch didn't know where kuiper and Mayock had this guy. Shanahan is as good as anybody alive at evaluating wide receivers and he is straight up fist pumping while the selection is made. Do you really want us to find a guy that shanny wants this bad and just wait around and hope everybody else drafts wrs per kuipers board. This guys ball skills, polish, and brain paired up with shanahans schemes and jimmy g's arm. I am fracking chomping at the bit to see this guy on sundays.
Based on where we picked him, he was clearly given one of our 30 1st-round grades.
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