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QB Jimmy Garoppolo Thread

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Sorry Cousins you just not worth the $$$
Originally posted by Fanaticofnfl:
Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by Fanaticofnfl:
Originally posted by susweel:
just read this. hopefully it works out

I have very, very mixed feelings about it.

I'll take anything though lol

why ? you dont think he's any good ?

Small sample size, and it's the Patriots. They made Cassel look good and Belichick is famous for robbing teams in trades.

I'm still excited though. Let's see what him and Shanahan can do.

Even if it's a bust, it's a 2nd. I'd be more mad about it if they traded two 1's like what was said in the offseason.
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Say wuuuuuuuuh
R.I.P. Jimmy G
Since I was the first can we move this to the Niner thread
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Everyone loves ShanaLynch again!
Originally posted by mrbusinessman499:
If he was that great the Pats wouldn't have traded him

I'm not sure about that, however it's clear they don't think he's a replacement for Brady long-term
Originally posted by NCommand:
Everyone loves ShanaLynch again!

I never got off the train, to be fair

Originally posted by 49er_Rider:
Sorry Cousins you just not worth the $$$

Cousins agent definately just let a nice loud "f**k!!!!"
I have wood
SOOOO HAPPY!!!! Most happy i have been for a non draft acquisition probably in my entire history of being a 49er fan
Originally posted by Rubberneck36:
Omg yes.

Originally posted by Hysterikal:
Originally posted by hummbabybear:
He's a UFA after this season so wonder if that means he signs a contract also

Doubt we made this trade without already being in talks with his agent

It would be idiotic to give up a 2nd without a guarantee of an extension
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