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Eric Magnuson OT/RG from Michigan is no longer a 49er

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This guy should never again see the field the rest of the season.
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An awful play at the worst possible time overshadowed what was a otherwise a very good game from Magnuson. Cardinal pressure came mostly from the edges if I recall, not the middle. He held up well.

I read about the bad snap just eating him up after the game, you could tell he feels awful. The silver lining is.. Well.. Aside from draft position.. This haunting memory will make him better by driving him to work even harder and make sure it never happens again.

agreed. He will work hard, and hopefully be a valuable backup for us long term.


Mags could definitely start at RG next year, he'll have a leg up on any newcomer we bring in. If we don't trade Garnett, I see it being Mags, Josh and a rookie or free agent battling for the RG spot it 2019.
Eric Magnuson, Tank Commander! Salute to you, sir.

Impressed w/ Shanahan/Lynch that they're confident and committed enough to start the tank engine this early.
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