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Solomon Thomas 3rd Overall Pick 2017 NFL Draft

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And go....
"King" Solomon Thomas
Kevin Lynch‏ @klynch49 16s16 seconds agoMore

He's much more of an athlete than Alabama's Jonathan Allen, who's more of a technician. You can't argue with that pick. #49ers
Im only ok with the pick because of the trade

D-Line better step it up this year
Brian Billick‏Verified account @CoachBillick 2m2 minutes agoMore

#49ers took a haul from the #Bears and still got arguably the cleanest player in the draft. He can be just as impactful as Garrett day 1.
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Our D line "should" be lethal...
Split babies
Pretty much the best case scenario outside of Garrett. Wowowow.

A team full of holes drafting for depth? Three straight first picks spent on defensive ends seems like a mistake.

Thomas played in a 3-4 at Stanford, tasked with disrupting opposing offenses from the interior against guards, much like Armstead and Buckner during their college careers at Oregon. Thomas is redundant, which might not necessarily be a bad thing. Depth is good.

Not very creative.
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NFC West killer!!!
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We better have the best damn dline in the league at this point its getting ridiculous drafting dls number one every year lol
WTF, three 1st round DL 3 years in a row, and our d line still sucks
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