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CB K'Waun Williams signs with the 49ers

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I know it's just one FA but I hope it's the start of something good. I think it will amazing how many doors Lynch/Peters/Shanahan will open up as opposed to the last couple of years.
Now Gary Kubiak is ready to get into a personnel role with the Niners? Looks like a change for the better to me. The more experienced football people in the room the better the choices, usually.
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Nice....We just need to draft Ahkello Witherspoon from Colorado in the 3rd/4th round. The most underrated cover CB in college, who did a great job against John Ross. He has great size and length. Sleeper of the draft.

RCB: Robinson, Reaser
LCB: Witherspoon, Johnson
SLOT: Williams, Redmon
SS: Tartt/Reid (vice versa)
FS: Ward, Rookie/FA

Release: TBrock
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Tartt has yet to move beyond his predraft limitations....

"WEAKNESSES Gets caught staring into backfield as a single high safety. Will let post routes get behind him and doesn't feature recovery speed to get back into that play. Becomes over-aggressive in space and will overrun tackles. Limited man-cover ability."
Comparing any rookie with Earl Thomas is apples & oranges. Guys like Thomas don't come along very often. The poop on Hooker is excellent...but I just don't see Shanahan/Lynch spending a top 10 pick on him (in case they trade down). I can see them drafting Jonathan Allen, though. Beefing up that front line should be priority one on defense. The stronger that group is, the better the secondary will have it.
I'm reading a lot of opinions that have this move putting Ward back at safety. I really disagree. If this threatens anyone I think it threatens Redmond and Reaser and possibly Chris Davis. I really don't see this kid having much of a role at the CB spot at all. We are pretty deep there. But we can stand a some competition at the nickel and dime back spots, and that's where I think we can see some movement.

I think people are reading a little too much into this when they include one of the starting CB's as being in danger or that this signing will move Ward to safety, pushing Reid in a battle with Tartt at SS. While that could happen I seriously doubt that this signing will precipitate any if this. To be sure I definitely think that Bethea won't make final cuts. Williams can play FS for sure (which gives us flexibility), so this could precipitate an outside chance of pushing Reid into a SS battle with Tartt, but I doubt it. This team will be served better with Tartt and Reid on the field at the same time. Plus, we have just too much youth and talent in the secondary to keep Bethea's age around, so I think he is gone regardless. But I think this signing is more of a signal of what the coaches invision in the front 7. I think they are gonna really turn Armstead and Buckner loose and force the O-line to protect against our best D-lineman:

SDE - Buckner
DT - Dorsey./FA/rookie
DT - Blair/FA/rookie
WDE (LEO) - Armstead (or WDT and FA WDE)
SAM - Lynch/Brooks/FA

That 4-3 (under) alignment will cause all kinds of problems for any opposing offense. With the CB's we already have coupled with those twin towers playing on the DL I see us playing a lot more press-man on the outside. That's a scheme that's definitely taylormade for Robinson, Ward, and Donte Johnson. So if we're going to a Seattle-style scheme then Ward won't be going to safety, and Williams will likely compete for nickel and/or dime, if nothing else provide more depth at an already deep position. My only questions are Robert Saleh's play calling (don't know much about him) and who will play the WILL alongside Bowman?
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This the guy Patton spun around on a head fake and sat on.
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Originally posted by LottOfDefense:
Lockett, Brown, and Austin all in the division.
Good point. Lockett is the one that has really hurt the 49ers. Williams seems quick as heck and plays bigger than 5'9 when it comes to tackling.
No Top 10 picks on a S please. Ward could be a dynamic FS. STOP moving him around unless it's a scheme thing. SS who knows but let's get Tartt coached up and see what we got. With so many holes though specifically at pass rusher and WR no S please at least not in the 1st two rounds. Love the pick up IF HE'S HEALTHY and it's one less player we need to draft. Nice start now if we can grab Mitchell it will be a stellar start.
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If you have Gamepass check out his 2015 week 8 game vs ARI. He was beasting in run support. Forced 2 fumbles, recovered 1. Nice break up of a pass.
Would Reid even be a good SS?

Originally posted by Lurker:
Would Reid even be a good SS?

We all seem to think so from what we've seen and the scheme change. Playing within ten yards as the 8th man in the box will be good over him. Close to the TE if it's his responsibility.
Originally posted by fan49:
Originally posted by Joecool:
Originally posted by RishikeshA:
I would think that there was enough talent in the present secondary that signing another DB wasn't necessary. However, this is Shanahan's call and let's see what he can do.

He's a nickel corner. I am still hoping we get Ward to FS.

Ward's not fast enough. We need berry. Berry, tarrt, Williams, ward, and Redmond... That's the starting dB's we need

Dude Ward ran a 4.47 at his pro day, with a fracture in his foot that required surgery. He's more than fast enough for the role.

Redmond is who I got my money on starting the slot, he's gonna get snaps and a look ion the outside as well n OTAs/TC. Williams probably ends up as the dime. But who knows they might let him compete for the FS spot and leave Ward at CB who I do like and still hasn't his ceiling in the position.
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Originally posted by thl408:
This the guy Patton spun around on a head fake and sat on.

Good pickup. Cheap, low risk, potentially high upside.

I doubt he'll be the last in this category of signing. We'll go after a couple of big targets, and hopefully get 1 or 2, but I think we're more likely to pick up a few more of these type guys. If you want to be a 49er you're going to need to have the will and desire to earn it and the plan is probably to bring in strong depth to make sure everyone who makes the team have done so because they deserve it, not because there's no other options.
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