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The Jaquiski "Pop" Tartt Gonna Rip Your Face Off Thread

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Is there a smiley with a gun?
Dont like the pick at all same with armstead. Really hope I am wrong about this guy. Dont really see where he is going to fit in, I guess ST.
Originally posted by 49erfaninAZ:
Is there a smiley with a gun?

This is our Jimmy Graham stopper
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Pop Tartt.
why is everyone so f**king pissed?????? just because you haven't heard of him before?

Bethea is aging, Reid's brain is a bruised apple..

not a bad pick. could we have gotten him in the 3rd, though?
Matt Miller ‏@nfldraftscout 11m11 minutes ago
Really want Tartt to the 49ers
Never heard of the guy.

Another Safety huh. . . . . . we sure Eric Reid is feeling alright with all those concussions?

Jimmy Ward a CB now or we just give up on him?

why didnt we take jalen strong??? is trent baalke doing drugs? safety is one of our stronger areas right now, is he drafting for depth when we have areas of actual need? i want to die
Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 7m7 minutes ago
The #49ers are taking #Samford DB Jaquiski Tartt at No. 46. Was this who #Eagles were trying to trade up for?
Luke Easterling ‏@LukeEasterling 6m6 minutes ago
Quiski! Love it. @QuaskiT #49ers
f**k this draft. Let's just start the season. None of these guys drafted this year will see any significant playing time
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Could of had him in the 3rd or 4 round ..what the heck
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