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The Jaquiski "Pop" Tartt Gonna Rip Your Face Off Thread

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Second round pick. Samford. Safety.

what? Giving up on ward already?
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f**k YOU BAALKE!!!!! WTF!!!!!
They clearly wanted him. See how fast the pick went in.
insurance for Reids concussions
Originally posted by MannySoopa49ersnMD:

This pick is above my pay grade. We better have the best defense in the NFL the way we're drafting

Originally posted by BoldRedandGold:
what? Giving up on ward already?

Probably Eric Reid (3 concussions in the past 2 years)
Lol ok guys. It ain't that serious
What about our offense?
Is this an insurance policy in case Eric Reid retires?
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Hard to comment b/c i have no clue about this dude. Why not Rowe?
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Love it!
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