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Arik Armstead-Beast DT Thread

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First round pick, 19th select. Traded back two spots to get him. Oregon. DE

knew it
Indifferent, figured it'd be the pick
[ Edited by Cooper22 on Apr 30, 2015 at 10:02 PM ]
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Kidding me
Gut reaction....total bust.
Bye Justin Smith
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We received a 4th this year and a 5th next year to move back 2 spots, that's not bad at all. Don't know anything about this Armistead guy though, perhaps Jimmy T really likes him?

Lol we could've traded back further and got him
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The one player NOBODY wanted...

Hopefully this is Aldon part deux
Originally posted by jreff22:
Lol we could've traded back further and got him

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