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49ers Offensive Line

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...but will McGovern be worth $12+M/yr?

Don't know but they made an offer close to what the Jets did when he wasn't even yet a consistent starter. So they like him.

To me it's very unlikely some rook center will be starting here. Brendel would be resigned before that happens.

PFF had McGovern has their 9th best center last year. I don't think he is mediocre at all. Is he worth big money? Different discussion.

The season will tell. Right now, he is #19, albeit after only two games.

Let's say he moves up to #10-12, is that worth $10M/yr with Bosa and others coming up for extensions?

The answer will be up to Kyle, but for now, that seems like a lot of money.

No way they pay a C big money again, plus they have to extend Bosa, Aiyuk, plus have Moseley, Ebukam, Omenihu, & Ward as UFAs next year, all should be brought back IMO or considered. Al-Shaair is likely gone. I'd rather draft a stud C than overpay a FA C.

How about securing a higher end C for 5 years, let Mike McGlinchey go, draft his replacement or another G and move Burford out there? You know what's going to happy to MM the second we resign him. Learn.

Bosa, Aiyuk and Moseley. Yes!

We find players like Ebukam and Omenihu in our sleep. The DL market is ultra saturated and we have Jackson now. Speaking of an oversaturated market, Ward is already being outplayed by a street FA FS who joined a week before the season started. Gipson should be even cheaper.

Don't invest in the position groups that are oversaturated. Invest in the hard-to-find positions esp. if they're crucial to the system (e.g. C, ER, T, etc.).

Al-Shaair should be very cheap.

Not even kind of true

Dude has an 82.1 grade right now and he and Hufanga (90.7) are the top S tandem right now. JD covered their communication together in his latest video. Not only is he playing very well he's also defending passes and getting INT's. So yeah, totally far. No exaggerations detected.

Now you've got more evidence to ignore today.


Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

PFF identifies 49ers' secret superstar entering 2022 seasonJuly 27, 2022 at 8:49 AM
By David Bonilla

Earlier this month, our Rohan Chakravarthi named safety Jimmie Ward as the San Francisco 49ers' most underrated player. It sounds like Pro Football Focus agrees. Sam Monson of the analytics site recently identified "secret superstars" for all 32 NFL teams, naming Ward as the player for the Niners.

"Finding a secret superstar for the 49ers is challenging, and Ward isn't exactly an unknown quantity," wrote Monson, "but he is a consistently productive part of that defense despite the attention typically shifting elsewhere."

Ward was the target of criticism early in his career as he struggled with injuries. However, he has started at least 13 games in each of his last three seasons and started 16 games in 2021. Ward tallied a career-high 77 tackles, adding two interceptions, a touchdown, and six passes defensed to his stat line last season. His interceptions in 2021 were his first since 2016.

"Ward has earned an overall PFF grade of at least 73.5 in each of the past three seasons, with 13 pass breakups over that time despite a lack of interceptions," Monson continued. "Ward has lined up in the slot at least 200 times in each of the past two years in addition to free and strong safety, bringing important versatility to the secondary."

Ward's 74.8 overall Pro Football Focus grade last season was the second-highest of his career (85.0 in 2019), while his 90.2 run-defense grade and 91.3 tackling grade were career-highs.

Oh So now you're a PFF guy? 🤣 good lord

Or you could just look at his raw stats. Dude is gonna shatter his career stats by the time Ward is even active.

OK, that was an exaggeration. But not by much. LOL

Either way, he's actually healthy, on the field, and playing very well in concert with Hufanga. At worst case scenario, he's going to add legit depth in case Ward cracks again.
Gibson is the new Corey Moore.
Originally posted by 9ers4eva:
Gibson is the new Corey Moore.

Ward will make a nice backup to Gipson.
Week 1: 37 for 176 | 28
Week 2: 45 for 189 | 21

Sooooo, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess we won't be rushing 37+ times a game anymore with a max of 28 passes a whole lot.
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Gibson is the new Corey Moore.

Ward will make a nice backup to Gipson.

No lie.
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Originally posted by 9ers4eva:
Gibson is the new Corey Moore.

Ward will make a nice backup to Gipson.

No lie.

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I'm curious how they'll do in week 4 against the Rams and some of the other decent d-lines we'll face. If the interior of the line completely shuts down Aaron Donald, then I think that the worries about them being absolutely terrible might have been overblown.
They actually did this with the line of previous years lol, but I agree.
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What did I say from the beginning? It doesn't matter where these players are drafted… as long as they hit. Well it seems pretty clear now that we hit on Burford. And banks played awesome last week.

Now just find a long term center and a RT and we goooood.

Yup! Burford has been the day one starter at RG which is pretty sweet considering his a 4th rd rookie. I had my doubts with Banks but we're seeing improvements (Seattle always has a pretty stout IDL too).

Brendel is the weak link overall. I wonder if Brunskill gets some play there when healthy? I have to check out who's a FA next yr at center. I'd prefer to get a good vet there. No clue what they do at RT.

I suspect we will be drafting a few o-linemen again next year.

Yup, RT and C.

This is the way. Keep throwing darts at 3rd-6th round lineman that fit the 49ers profile. We don't have a 1st next year and I presume our 2nd rounder will be a late 2nd (hopefully). We do currently have 3 3rd round picks (2 comp picks for salah, mayhew, McDaniel losses). Atleast 1 of those should be used on an OL. Not sure how next years OL draft class looks but if MM leaves in FA then that would really be our only "need" on the whole roster. You have to credit Kyle/John for all the talent they have acquired on our roster as a whole. It's nice going into drafts where you might only have 1 true need and can just go BPA every round. I mean really other than OL I don't see any other true needs on this roster. Sure could use a 2nd TE, but idk if I consider that a "need" per se
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