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Which player are you most eager to see in the preseason?

Which player are you most eager to see in the preseason?

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I know there's a lot of choices. Speaks to the potential of this team. Also didn't want too many write-in votes. The players above are either new to the team or to their expanded role. Left out Kap on purpose.

The player I am most anxious to see is Tank Carradine. This guy was a 'wasted' 2nd rounder in 2013, and now we finally get to see what a player, that the 49ers knew couldn't help till 2014, can do. With Tomsula's coaching, this guy will get better and better. I can't wait to see him finally play.
I chose Hyde because our RB unit is depleted and he may get a lot of carries this season.
I'm most eager to see Culliver back in action. He has a BIG role this year. 1st year he's a full-time, 3-down player.

I have no doubts about his talent and skill level, but he has to earn the trust back. Last time we saw him in the SB was one of the worst CB performances you'll ever see in a big game.
I need to see Ward cause havoc.

Hard question doe, cuz Stevie J is in the house.

Dag nabbit I meant to vote for Ward.
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Excited to see so many of them. Have to go with Tank though.
I was going to pick Okoye but Patton was my 2nd choice. I think Patton can be a stud in this offense if used correctly and I am excited to see him take some steps forward
Hyde, Tank being a close second. Secondary performance as a whole/unit as well.
Marcus Martin. I already know Tank is a stud (should've been a top 10 pick); I've known that since he was at FSU, and he was one of the many reasons I was celebrating on draft day 2013.

Marcus Martin is possibly the youngest player in the NFL, and he's playing an extremely cerebral position, so that worries me a little bit. But he's going to be great sooner or later.
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Looking forward to Tank attack!
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Carlos Hyde
Stevie Johnson
Bruce Ellington
Derek Carrier
Marcus Martin
Carter Bykowski
Dillon Farrell
Quinton Dial
Tank Carradine
Nick Moody
Chris Culliver
Jimmie Ward
Antoine Bethea
L.J. McCray

Voted for Chris Culliver
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ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!
Don't take your eyes off the prize.

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Jekyl and Hyde
Really interested in Chris Cook. Heard a lot of good things about him in camp, and want to see some for myself. I know they wont be playing any exotic defense, but still want to see how his cover and ball skills are. Oh who am I kidding? I want to see TANK crush somebody!
all of them minus boreland
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