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All time favorite 49er touchdown celebration?

All time favorite 49er touchdown celebration?

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Originally posted by crabman82:
deions return to atlanta and having a pick 6 of about 90 yards staring at the falcons sideline on his way down the field to dance in the end zone

I had forgotten about this one until seeing it on the 94 America's Game episode.

This has been a great thread for reliving good memories.
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Merton Hanks hands down.
Originally posted by mayo49:
Merton Hanks hands down.

This. It was the most unique touchdown dance I have ever seen.
If I remember correctly, the Norton boxing started in 1995 (Norton's 2nd season). Rams had moved to St.Louis and started the season 5-1. We were 4-2 going into our matchup @ St.Louis. End result: 44-10 victory and a new TD dance was born. Rams would lose the following 2 games and ultimately 7 of their final 9 games to finish 7-9 with no playoffs. Bettis was traded before the start of the following season.


"The San Francisco 49ers didn't have injured Steve Young Sunday, but they sure had Chris Miller. The St. Louis Rams quarterback threw as many touchdown passes (two) for the 49ers as did Young's understudy, Elvis Grbac.

Grbac's first pass in his first start was a 35-yard touchdown toss to John Taylor. By the time he took his second snap, he was ahead 14-0.

Miller's favorite receiver was 49ers linebacker Ken Norton Jr., who returned two of Miller's four interceptions for touchdowns in a 44-10 rout that confirmed the best in the defending world champions and the worst in a Rams team that apparently has been living a lie.

The opening 3 minutes of the game were hilarious and deserve preservation:

Play 3--Rams fullback Jerome Bettis gains 2 yards and promptly runs to the locker room to get retaped.

Play 4--Miller is sacked.

Play 5--Miller aims for Jessie Hester and throws straight to 49ers safety Dedrick Dodge, who returns to the 35. Rams star wide receiver Isaac Bruce nearly knocks himself out in a collision on the tackle.

Play 6--Grbac rolls out and hits Taylor for a 35-yard touchdown pass.

Play 8--Miller is sacked.

Play 9--Miller aims for Troy Drayton and throws straight to Norton, who returns for his first NFL touchdown and beats up the "heavy bag" on the goal post in an imitation of his father, former heavyweight champion Ken Norton Sr."
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Originally posted by SofaKing:
Merton Hanks. Chicken Dance. Hands down the greatest, weirdest, most original TD celebration evar.

Plus it didn't happen often since what caused it was a Pick 6! Made it even more special.. the NFC Champ game at The Stick against the Cowgirls when Aikman threw that INT to Merton, and the game had practically just started. Talk about the Stick' going WACK!!
As much as I enjoyed the chicken head, I like "hand the ball to the ref, and act like you been there before"
I did the Merton Hanks dance on the sidewalk in 1994 after being bailed out of Jail
Frank Gore's simi dirty bird dance vs Atlanta in NFCCG
The missed opportunity for a great celebration: During the 49ers - giants playoff game, when TO scored a touchdown and strahan rushed up to him pointing to the scoreboard, because giants were way up. At the end of the game, TO should have ran to strahan and pointed to the scoreboard singing "How you like me now?"

Steve Youngs one and only TD Dance, cant find any Pics or Vids
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Originally posted by NeeJ49er:
I did the Merton Hanks dance on the sidewalk in 1994 after being bailed out of Jail

LMAO, i hope you didn't break your neck trying it.
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Pretty sure Merton's chicken dance was just an INT dance, not a touchdown celebration.
I know it isn't popular to many, but my favorite was "The Sharpie game" It was the first time I was able to see the Niners live since I was relocated to the NW and I was so close to where he did it. In addition it was a great game and as it turns out, was one of the very few times the Niners would get a win in Seattle.
Originally posted by Disp:
Pretty sure Merton's chicken dance was just an INT dance, not a touchdown celebration.

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