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Gore The Cap?

Originally posted by TheGoldDiggerrrr:
O and when kap f**ks up we need frank in the back field to pick up kaps mistake and run for a TD.

I remember that. I said "Thank you Frank" 13 times to the TV. In big games I usually say "Thank you Frank" a few times. SOme are for big plays a lot aren't. Just good plays.
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Originally posted by tondiman:
is it me or does nobody understand the friggin point? He said restructure, not pay cut. He's simply asking why can't we divide it over a couple years, so gore still gets his money, and we don't get hit 6mil all at once.

I read the post, as I am never sure what I understand or do not understand, I not sure how I should answer your question.

Yes, the contract can be restructured. I believe most, if not all, contracts can be.

The front office has proven that they do have pretty good idea of what they are doing.

Baalke has said that restructuring the contract is not necessary, but that does not mean that it would not be helpful.

If it does become necessary, and it might I guess, .......
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Originally posted by brodiebluebanaszak:

Not big on sarcasam I take it..............
our front office showing respect for our all time leading rusher
harbaugh says gore has 3 more good years in him. look for gore to be traded to some retarded team like the skins for two 2nd rounders lol. let the man finish out his contract here, he deserves it and has been the backbone of this team his entire career. shorting gore would show no class at all would probably discourage others from signing on long term or even wanting to come here if were gonna treat one of the franchise's best players of all time this way
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