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Great plays worth remembering from 2013 season

Originally posted by sanjo49er:
That goal-line stand vs The panthers in the playoffs.And also the tip-toe drag TD by VD in the same game.

which one?

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My favorite was definitely the long Kaepernick run against Seattle in the NFCCG. During that run I thought to myself two things:
1) "Wow, we really might pull this off", and,
2) "If we win this, this is going to go down as an absolutely legendary performance by Kap."

He's so electrifying and fun to watch.
Corey Lemonier's first NFL sack getting us 2 points against Arizona. Almost looked like Aldon was in for that play. The Patton catch afainst Arizona gave me hope for that draft class as well.

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Originally posted by Furlow:

this and it's not even close.
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